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FESPA 2017

Three of the Textile Town team spent a few days last week at the FESPA 2017 international Trade Show and Conference in Hamburg.

It’s the biggest annual get together for the Digital Textle Printing industry with over 700 exhibitors. As you would imagine, this industry puts on a big bold colourful show featuring huge new textile printing presses putting out ever more impressive print quality at higher speeds and often lower prices.

Yet behind this flamboyant display of technical whizzardy the actual end products often get lost.

On many occasions myself and my colleagues found ourselves muttering exchanges along the lines of “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should” when presented with the latest bit of textile printing gimmickery.

Here at Textile Town, the majority of our digital textile printing equipment is less than 18 months old. We constantly strive to run the latest technologies to ensure we are at the cutting edge of textile printing and to do so in way that keeps our prices competitive.

We have always tried to be product led rather than technology led. The hundreds of weekly conversations with have with our customers and 10+ years relationship we have had with many of them inform us as to the products and servces they want. This is our starting point when we go ‘shopping’ for our next piece of digital printing equipment.

When we visit somewhere like FESPA 2017 we have a very clear picture of what digital textile printing we need to do, and instead of asking “what can this machine do?” we are constantly asking “Can this machine meet a specific print requirement that our customers need – be it bigger, cheaper, faster, or with more saturated colours?

And so it was this year. A great opportunity to identify some new digital textile printing technologies that we can incorporate to offer ever better products such as printed tablecloths, custom printed cushions, and all manner of digital textile printing services.

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