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Canvas Frames

Canvas Frames
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Canvas Frames

Canvases are a quick and simple way to add a pop of colour and advertising to any space. Suitable for offices, shops, restaurants and exhibition spaces and available in a range of standard sizes.

Large format canvases (anything larger than 20" x 20") come with extra support cross braces at the back. This will stop your canvas from warping and becoming distorted. We use CMYK + 4 printing process for superior colour reproduction. This enables us to print a vast range of images including photos, fine art, design and corporate images.

Our dye sublimation print process enables you to print anything from text and graphics to logos and photos.
Wide range of sizes available
Suitable for home, office and venue spaces
CMYK + 4 Process for superior colour reproduction
Photographic, fine art, design, and corporate image printing
Cross braces give extra support
Best sellers include: 16" x 24", 30" x 30", 46" x 60" and 50" x 50"

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Canvas Frame Sizes

We can create canvases in a vast range of sizes. Frames start at 12" and go all the way up to 72". Simply select your width and height, baring in mind whether you want a square, portrait or landscape image.

Our canvas fabric is 60", so to allow us to stretch the fabric around the frame the largest square canvas we can produce is 50"x50" and the largest rectangular frame will be 72"x50".

Aspect Ratios of Common Canvas Sizes
3 to 4 = 12" x 16" - 18" x 24"
4 to 5 = 16" x 20" - 24" x 30"
6 to 5 = 20" x 24"
1 to 1 = 12" x 12" - 30" x 30"
1 to 2 = 12" x 24" - 30" x 60"
2 to 3 = 16" x 24" - 20" x 30"

Canvas Sizes
Canvas Sizes

If you have any further queries about the sizes of canvas frame please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Both the standard 18mm and gallery 38mm stretcher bars are made with high quality, kiln-dried pine wood. The stretcher bars have a rounded back edge designed to ensure that there will be no ghost impressions on the canvas, which also helps to prevent the canvas from cracking.

For large format canvases (anything larger than 20" x 20") we will add cross bars to add support and durability.

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Artwork & Print Guide

We can accept a wide variety of raster and vector formats for canvas printing including JPEG, TIFF, EPS and PDF. For a sharp, crisp print it is recommended to send the original file and not one that has been shrunk in any way. If your artwork is more of an illustration you might want to consider using a vector format instead.

When selecting an image, it it’s important to look for one with some ‘dead space’ around the main subject as this will be used in the wrap around of the frame. However, if you have an image you wish to use that doesn’t not have this dead space we can mirror the edges for you so none of your main image will be lost.

It is also important to consider the aspect of your image against your choice of frame, if these don’t match nicely there will be some cropping of your image especially long thin frames or square frames. If your image doesn’t fit the frame then we will crop your image for you, keeping the main subject in place.

Please see the images below for examples of Portrait, Landscape and Square images and how some can be successfully cropped to fit different shaped frames, whilst others don't work quite as well. The yellow line on each print indicates where you can expect the image to come to on the canvas edge, taking the wrap for the edges into account. This will vary, depending on the size of your chosen image and canvas.

Portrait Images

Landscape Images

Square Images

Physical print test proof prints from your artwork can be provided at a small charge.

Feel free to give us a call or email us your artwork for friendly advice.

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Standard Delivery

Most canvas frames are delivered within 3 working days from order. Once your order is placed we will confirm the delivery date to you.

If you have a specific deadline you can advise us of this when you place your order.

Delivery charges will vary depending on the size of the canvas and quantity you want to order. For a quote please get in touch.

Express Delivery
We can supply canvas frames on a SAME DAY or NEXT DAY service. An additional 'Rush Order' charge of £25 will apply. The actual cut off time to order by will vary depending on the type of print and other factors but is generally around Noon - 1PM. Please call us if you need your canvas today, tomorrow (next working day), or within 2 working days and we will do everything possible to make this happen. We will be able to advise you straight away if it is possible..

The charge for Same Day Delivery will depend on location and you will be advised of the charge when you call us.

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