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Chair Cover Fabric

For commercial use the primary consideration in selecting chair cover fabric is launderability, durability, and feel. Our selected fabrics below are the most popular with our hire and venue customers due to their usability, long life, and value.

Standard Polyester.

Excellent durability. A great value fabric with excellent crease resistance for 'easy care' launderability. This is the most popular choice for hire companies and venues alike providing a great balance of cost, look, feel, and practicality.

Superior Polyester Twill

The twill weave provides a superior look to the finish. It is also has superior opacity which means it provides better coverage when using white or ivory chair covers on dark coloured chairs. Excellent laundry performance and non iron (when laundered correctly). For 1.25 extra per chair cover this fabric is a popular upgrade to standard polyester.

Spun Polyester

. Using a highly innovative manufacturing process spun polyester achieves a feel that is remarkably close to cotton while having all the advantages of a 100% Polyester fabric. Not only does this fabric resemble cotton but it's soil release qualities make laundry and stain removal simple. It's stability and crease resistant properties make it an excellent chair cover fabric and it perfectly matches our Spun Polyester banqueting cloths. The high cost however means that Poly Twill provides much better value for a superior fabric than Spun Polyester so we do not reccomend this for normal chair cover use.


Easier to iron than 100% Cotton with good crease resistance. The feel of this fabric is very close to being a pure cotton and most people think it is cotton until told otherwise. Shrinkage is only 1-2% unlike cotton so no impact to the fit as a result of laundering. The downside is that this is considerably more difficult to launder than 100% polyester and much less resistant to creasing in storage. For most venues and hire companies a 100% Polyester fabric is likely to be the most suitable but where issues such as product 'feel' are key then this is a great alternative to 100% cotton.

100% Cotton.

We're occasionally asked for this but we really can't reccomend it. You must be prepared for significantly higher laundry costs with this fabric and also be equipped to store the covers on hanging rails between use or ateam in position on chair. Shrinkage allowance of 4-6% also needs to be allowed for making as precise a fit as when using the other fabrics above difficult.

Lycra(TM) or Spandex (TM).

Used to make 'stretchy' chair covers. The attraction of these is the ability to fit a wide range of chairs with a single chair cover. The downside however is a product with a much shorter working life than a conventional polyester and they can quickly start to look shabby due to piling and stretching. Because the whole of the skirt is tight they are also very prone to damage from high heels and shoe polish.