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Conference Cloth Buyers Guide

What's special about the fabric?
Conference & Exhibition Cloth is a specialist fabric used for conference and exhibition applications. It's 'napped' suede like finish and special widths create a professional look and allow a perfect drop to the floor.

Unlike many suppliers we can produce cloths up to 70" (180 cms) wide by any length so seams are not needed when the cloth drops to the floor on 3 sides as is most commonly used.
You will often find table linen fabrics being marketed as 'conference cloths' but they can't create the professional impression created by proper conference cloth fabric or provide the resistance to marking and creasing that this specialist fabric offers.

Can I have my logo printed?
Yes. We have our own in house printing facilities to put your logo or promotional message onto the cloth within 1-2 working days.

What is the cost of printing?
Your logo can be printed for a one-off set-up charge of £45 plus £18 for the print for a logo up to 45cms wide.
Setup Fee: (Applies once only): £45
Logo Printing Fee: up to 45cms £18
Logo Printing Fee: up to 90cms £36
Example. Exhibition Cloth to fit 180cm (6ft) long table and drop to the floor on 3 sides with logo printed up to 45cms wide will cost £107.95 for the first cloth and £59 for additional cloths.
Total Cost 1 Cloth £107.95
Total Cost 2 Cloths: £170.95
Ask us for a price for your exact requirement. All prices exclude VAT.

How much does a plain cloth cost?
It will of course depend on the size of the table to be covered but a standard 70" x 120" (180cm x 305cm) cloth designed to drop to the floor on 3 Sides of a standard 5 foot (150cm) tressle table costs just £45.69. Discounts are available on large orders.
Does it have to be dry cleaned?
No - the fabric is fully machine washable and also non-iron. What's more - the 'napped' microfibre surface means it will resist many marks and stains so it's unlikely to need laundering very often.

How long does it take to deliver?
Most orders can be delivered NEXT DAY or within 2 working days subject to the time the order is placed and the corner finish required.

What corner styles are available?
All our cloths are available as a simple flat cloth with right angle corners or with a choice of the following corner styles; Pleated, Boxed, or Radius. We will be happy to advise on the best choice for your application.

When cloths drop all the way to the floor the corners if cut at a 90 degree right angle will drop further and drag on the floor. A solution to this is to use simple 'radius corners'. These curved corners mean that the cloth drops evenly all the way around including at the corners as in the photo above. Radius corners are a FREE option on all our conference cloths. Pleated and Boxed options are available for a small charge.