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MSL Fire Check

MSL Fire Check

MSL Firecheck® is awidely used, independently tested and certified, water based, fire proofing spray. It will treat any water absorbent material and especially textiles. MSLFirecheck was developed by a leading UK fire research establishment and is manufactured in a BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certifed manufacturing environment. The non-toxic formula means it is safe to use and no specialist equipment is needed to apply it.

msl Firecheck has passed BS 5852: 1990 for both natural and synthetic fibres.
msl Firecheck passes BS 5867: part 2: 1980 (crib 5) on both natural and synthetic fibres.
It is our reccomended solution where our products require fire proofing for use in environments that require it.

Does msl Firecheck meet British standards?
MSL Firecheck has been tested by an independent test laboratory and passed for the following standards:

MSL Firecheck has passed BS 5852: 1990 for both natural and synthetic fibres.
MSL Firecheck passes BS 5867: part 2: 1980 on both natural and synthetic fibres.

What can I treat with msl Firecheck?
Firecheck effectively fire retards many natural and synthetic materials including; cardboard, untreated wood, polystyrene, Hessian, foam rubber and any other item that can absorb it.

How does msl Firecheck work?
Treating absorbent materials with msl Firecheck creates an invisible, instant, fire retardant layer. When exposed to a heat source msl Firecheck forms a carbonized shield deflecting heat.

Can msl Firecheck treat all fabrics?
Firecheck can treat many natural fabrics including; cotton, wool and cotton back draylon. Synthetic fabrics include nylon, polyester and mixed fibres such as PolyCottons. Please note, Firecheck will not treat rip stop nylon or waterproof fabrics. We recommend testing a small sample or inconspicuous area of the fabric before a full treatment is applied.
<h5>How much msl Firecheck will I need?</h5>
msl Firecheck is very economical.
750ml Trigger Spray covers 7.5-9m2
5litre Container covers 50-60m2
25litre Drum covers 250-300m2

MSL Firecheck is supplied ready for use and should not be diluted.
How do I apply msl FireCheck?
The item or fabric to be treated should be clean and dry. Treatment in a well-ventilated area is reccomended. Begin the treatment by applying a fine mist of msl Firecheck to all exposed surfaces. There is no need to soak. msl Firecheck is colourless and odourless. Once the treated article has dried it is practically unnoticeable and immediately ready for use.
MSL Firecheck® is the tried and tested, water based, fire proofing spray that will treat any water absorbent material. MSL Firecheck was developed by a leading UK fire research establishment. The non-toxic formula means no specialist equipment is required for application.

How long does the treatment last?
The treatment will last for the useful life of the treated article or material. Re-treatment is required after laundery and recommended if the treated fabric gets wet or receives heavy use.

How long does msl FireCheck keep?
The product has a shelf life of several years and should be stored upright. msl Firecheck should be stored at temperatures above zero. If stored for more than 6 months a gentle shake before application is recommended.>!!

COSSH Safety Sheets & Certificates
COSHH Safety Sheet PDF File
Instructions for use PDF File
Cotton Test Report PDF File
Polyester Test Report PDF File
Hessian Test Report PDF File
Viscose Test Report PDF File

  • 75cl Spray - £9.00
  • 5 Litre Container - £50.00