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Table Skirting

Standard Table Skirting

Standard Table Skirting

Any size table skirting you require is available for Next Day delivery.

Our ready-made table skirting range is available for immediate delivery finished to any size you need in our UK production facility.

Our standard table skirting is made from 100% polyester for ease of laundry and quality of draping. It is a 230% Box Pleat and comes complete with velcro header. The drop is 29" (75cm) as standard to suit both standard UK and continental height tables but other heights can easily be made on request.

The most popular and practical way of attaching table skirting is via the use of simple transparent clips with a velcro facer which attaches to the table edge as illustrated below.

Simply attach the clip to the table edge over the table cloth. The clip has the 'hook' side of standard 'Hook & Loop' tape on it's face. The Loop side of the tape is sewn into the skirting header and is easily attached and removed from the clip.

We have over 20 sizes and types of clip to deal with every table thickness and edge style. The clips are specially manufactured in Polycarbonate for strength and appearance.

Skirt Table Cloths - Polyester

Skirt Table Cloths - Polyester

Skirting tablecloths are a popular alternative to traditional table skirting. They incorporate a skirting that drops to the floor with an integrated tablecloth that holds the skirting in position withouth the need for clips or velcro. They can be easily fitted by one person in under 30 seconds. An economical and easy way to stunningly transform standard banqueting tables without using traditonal 'wrap around' skirting or as a quick buffet table solution.

The integrated tablecloth can be used as the main cloth or as a slip cloth can be added for colour contrast orr to provide and easily changed layer of protection over the skirting undercloth.

FABRIC INFORMATION: 100% Filament Polyester 195gsm. Machine Launder at 40-60 degrees. Hang or tumble dry with an easy-care finish for minimal steaming or pressing. Excellent colour retention and stain resistance and Oekotex certified.
SIZE & GUIDE: Please note that the sizes below are the table diameter that the cloth will fit. For a standard 5' round table just select 60" and for a standard 6 foot round table just select 72"

Table Skirting Clips

Table Skirting Clips

Easy to use standard 'Clip On' clips to attach table skirting to the table. Use 3-4 table skirting clips per metre.

The clips are attached to the edge of the table top offering a Hook Velcro pad which mates with the Loop Velcro header on standard table skirting.

Overlap Clips are to be used when overlapping two or more pieces of table skirting to create the desired finished length. The table skirting clip simply slips over the top of the attached skirt and offers a hook pad to secure the overlapping section of the second table skirt.

We offer two sizes as standard to fit nearly all tables.

20 - 30 mm Clips - To be used to secure a Skirt to a table which has a table top measuring between 20mm and 30mm in thickness.

30 - 45 mm Clips - To be used to secure a Skirt to a table which has a table top measuring between 30mm and 45mm in thickness.
Size (Table Top Thickness)

0.65 (Ex. VAT)

Swags & Valances - Available Online Soon.

Swags & Valances - Available Online Soon.

Meanwhile please call us on 0207 193 2953 or email for a quotation