Table Skirting


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Any size table skirting you require.

Our standard table skirting is made from 100% polyester for ease of laundry and quality of draping. It is a 230% Box Pleat and comes complete with velcro header. The drop is 29″ (75cm) as standard to suit both standard UK and continental height tables but other heights can easily be made on request.

The most popular and practical way of attaching table skirting is via the use of simple transparent clips with a velcro facer which attaches to the table edge.

Simply attach the clip to the table edge over the table cloth. The clip has the ‘hook’ side of standard ‘Hook & Loop’ tape on it’s face. The Loop side of the tape is sewn into the skirting header and is easily attached and removed from the clip.

We have over 20 sizes and types of clip to deal with every table thickness and edge style. The clips are specially manufactured in Polycarbonate for strength and appearance.

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Table Skirting Sizes

143 cms fits 4' / 120cm trestle table 1 side, 174cm fits 5' / 150cm trestle table 1 side, 205cm fits 6′ / 180cm trestle table 1 side, 235cm fits 7′ / 210cm trestle table 1 side, 266cm fits 8′ / 240cm trestle table 1 side, 297cm fits 4′ / 120cm trestle table 3 sides, 307cm fits 3' / 90cm round table, 317cm fits 5′ / 150cm trestle table 3 sides, 348cm fits 6' / 180cm trestle table 3 sides, 378cm fits 7′ / 210cm trestle table 3 sides, 403cm fits 4' / 120cm round table, 409cm fits 8′ / 240cm trestle table 3 sides, 498cm fits 5' / 150cm round table, 540cm fits 12' trestle table 3 sides, 595cm fits 6′ / 180cm round table, 692cm fits 7′ / 210cm round table, 720cm fits 18′ trestle table 3 sides, 903cm fits 24′ trestle table 3 sides

Table Skirting Colour

Black, Ivory, White