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Custom Chair Covers

Custom Chair Cover - Collect, Design, Return

Custom Chair Cover - Collect, Design, Return

When a chair cover is going to be used all the time on the same type of chair you don't have to limit yourself to an 'off the shelf' cover designed to fit a variety of chairs.

Custom made chair covers can be designed by our expert tailors to fit your chair exactly for a fantastic bespoke fitted look. Not only will a custom chair cover look better than a general purpose one but special attention to likely areas of strain or wear is taken into account in the design and manufacture.

At Textile Town we pioneered the custom made wedding chair cover and are delighted to be able to offer you custom made chair covers for just £7.95 each in the Elegance style and £5.95 each in the economy style.

The only extra cost is a one-off design charge of £125 +vat* which includes collection and return of your chair. We keep the pattern on file so should you need more or replacements months or years from now we can make them from the pattern we have.

Our typical time from starting designing to delivering your completed order of chair covers is around 7 days. Give us a call or email us, tell us your deadline and we will be able to give you an exact schedule. When needed we've completed the whole process and delivered 200 chair covers in 3 days!

Order our express "Collect, Design, and Return" service. We will arrange for one of your chairs to be collected from your premises for next day delivery to us.

We will make a pattern designed to specifically fit your chair and send it to you for approval.

Approve the sample and order your chair covers which will normally be delivered to you in around 7 days.

We then keep your pattern for your chair cover on our computer system and can make replacements, top up quantities (min. 20) or variations in a new colour whenever you require.

Click here to download your FREE PDF information sheet

Price: 125.00 (Excl. VAT)

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