• Do this first to be able to use all the controls below.
  • Your file should be a JPG, PNG, SVG, or TIF file.
  • Select a file with enough pixels (150dpi) to provide a good quality print.
  • To print a single image onto fabric select the ‘center’ option.
  • To print a repeating pattern of images use one of the other options.
  • You can experiment and see instantly how the printed fabric will look.
  • For single image prints you can rotate the the image to fit into the chosen fabric size.
  • For repeating patterns you can use this to have the fabric repeat across the width (weft) of the fabric or length (warp) of the fabric.
  • Printing across the width of the fabric is most common but sometimes it can be useful to print the other way around!
  • To ensure high quality of the fabric print we recommend a minimum of 150dpi (150 pixels per inch / 60 pixels per cm).
  • If enlarging your image causes the resolution to drop below this the slider will show ‘Poor’.
  • You can adjust the image size in 1cm increments.
  • Choose a fabric. For the ‘Linear Metre’ printed fabric size the display will adjust to show the printable width of that fabric.
  • The linear metre price for various lengths starting at 1 metres will be displayed in the table below.
  • The ‘Total’ price will update to show the price when Swatch, Sample, or Fat Quarter sizes are selected.
  • Linear Metre is 1 metre or more length of the fabric X the printable width of the fabric.
  • You can choose exactly how many metres length to print including fractions of a metre.
  • The size of the Swatch, Sample, or Fat Quarter sizes are shown in the drop down and the design area.

3 for 2 offer on swatches will be applied in the cart

All prices include VAT