Custom Printed Table Banners and Table Runners

Table Banners

Custom printed table banners are a cost effective way to stand out at any event or trade show. Made with high-quality fabrics and vibrant  durable printing.

You can showcase your brand logo, message, or graphics in full colour, You can also specify the background colour to your exact requirements.

The table banners are available in sizes designed to fit standard tables. We can also supply them in custom sizes.

Versatile and easy to set up,  with crease free fabric optins to make them easy to transport. This practicality make trable banners ideal for use at trade shows and exhibitions. Let us help you create a profesional table banner that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Table Runners

Custom printed table runners are a stylish and affordable way to showcase your brand or event. Using table runners as a promotional tool can increase your brand recognition at trade shows and exhibitions and make your display look more professional.

They are easily customisable, allowing you to choose the colour, logo, and any additional text or graphics that you want. They can be used on both round and rectangular tables, and we make them to fit all standard table sizes.

The table runners are easy to clean making them reusable and eco-friendly. A custom printed table runner can help boost your business or charity and creates a polished and professional look.

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Printed Tablecloths

For standard rectangular trestle tables printed with your logo for trade shows , exhibitions, and conferences £89.00 + vat

Stretchy Tablecloths

A popular fitted tablecloth alternative to the classic branded tablecloth for rectangular tables £104.00 + vat

Custom Poseur Tablecloth

Poseur table covers with logos. A popular branding and sponsorship opportunity. £89.00 + vat

Printed Poseur Table Cap

Stretchy fabric low-cost simple branding and sponsorship opportunity for events. £29.00 + vat

Printed Table Banners and Runners FAQs. Frequently Asked Questions.

Our table banners are available in three sizes designed to fit standard 4′, 5′, anad 6′ tables or European sized 120cm, 150cm, and 180cm tables, At 145cm longt they can be draped all the way to the floor at the front if wanted but are normally draped aboyt 3/4 of the way to the floor at the front with a sort reare drop to hold them in position.

You can print a logo on a table banner you can using our online designer. You can add your logo and you can also add other text or images if you want. Even a QR code if you want people to be able to scan your stand and be taken to a web page or catalogue. You have complete control over the background colour of the tablecloth which you can specify exactly.

The fabric choice for table banners and runners includes:

  • Exhibition suedette
  • Standard polyester
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Recycled polyester (made from water bottles)
  • Organic cotton.

Yes. If in doubt or using on more than one size table we would recommend getting the smallest size for a 4′ table as this can also be used on all other table sizes.

The expected delivery date for your table banner will be shown in the store and during the order and checkout process. The normal time is around 3-4 working days from order to delivery. There are express options available and if you have a specific deadline for an event you can make a note of this when ordering so we can ensure we meet this.

Yes – you can ghet a discount for as little as 2 table banners or table runners. On the order page you will see the discounted price that will be applied to purchases of multiple table banners or runners.

All common graphic file types can be used to print on a table banner or runner. As it is a large print area it is best if possible to use a ‘vector’ type of file such as an eps or ai or svg file. These allow the logo to be scaled to any size without loss of quality.

You can also use raster files such as jpg or png but they wil need to be quite big to get a good quality print. Technically speaking they need to be a minimum of 150dpi (dot per inch) or ideally 300 dpi for the size you want to print at.

So – for example – if you want your logo to be 20″ (appr0x 50cm) you will nee a minimum of 150 x 20 = 3000 pixes width for the logo image. Don’t panic if all of this is unfamilir to you! Just contact us and we’ll help you get it right.

We use two different print processes depending on the fabric type. These two processes are dye-sublimation (for synthetics) and pigment ink process (for natural fabrics). Unlike surface print methods, both of these print directly onto the fabric itself with long-lasting dyes penetrating deep into the fibres. 

Our printed table banners are machine washable. The popular exhibition suedette fabric however is designed to be brushed or vaccumed like upholstery  while the waterproof fabric can just be wiped down with a damp cloth so laundery should not normally be required for these.

Waterproof printed table banners and runners are perfect for outdoor use.  They are also the best choice where they are being used for food service or other situations where they might get wet. 

The online designer tool you will show you a proof showing how your table banner will look before it is printed. We can also send out free samples of the printed fabric for you to see and feel. If you choose to use our design services we will send you a proof as a PDF to review before printing. We can also supply templates for you to use in a graphic design package.

The exhibition suedette fabric has superb crease free performance. It makes packing it away and putting is straight onto the table really easy.

The other polyester fabrics are also easy-care fabrics so with careful folding and storage should be able to be put stright on the table with no ironing required.

With the cotton option some slight creasing can occur but this will normally frop out when draped over the table. 

Yes – we supply two fire retardant (FR) options. The FR certification on these is generally suitable for most exhibition and conference venues across the globe. For specific strictly regulated requirements such as cruise ships or other specialist settings please contact us for options.

We have two options.

Recycled polyester fabric (made from PET – plastic drinks bottles) is made of 100% recycled materials.

A certified organic cotton fabric.