How it works



Upload your own design or photo or choose one from our vast online library.



Select a fabric for your project and the exact amount and size you need.



And despatch it to you within 5 working days

  • Your Design

    You can upload your surface pattern design in a wide range of formats and configure it online to repeat and tile as you want.

  • Online Designer

    Our easy yet powerful online design tool allows crafters and surface design proefessionals alike to ensure their creations are configured exactly as needed.

  • Design Library (Coming Soon)

    You can also search through and choose from a huge library of carefully curated traditional and contemporary designs.

  • Wide Choice of Fabrics

    Our range of fabrics includes cottons and polyesters and ranges from silk look to heavyweight herringbone. Organic, recycled, and fire retardant options are available.

  • Any Size

    There are no minimum orders and you can order small swatch or fat quarter first to check exactly how it will look.

  • Sample Pack

    You can order a sample pack of all of our fabrics incliding free colour charts.

  • State of the art printing

    Your design is printed using the very latest digital equipment using durable and environmentally friendly inks and dyes

  • Quality Control

    Our manufacturer trained staff have the latest spectrometry equipment to constantly monitor print output and ensure all fabrics meet specification

  • Fast Delivery

    Your item is despatched within 5 working days (and often sooner) and you are notified when it leaves us

Fabric Design Essentials

  • Keep the file size below 50MB
  • Ensure the image resolution is at least 150dpi (our online upload tool will check this for you)
  • Set the colour profile to RGB not CMYK
  • Create filed in any of the following formats

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator are the most popular design tools.


Fabrics Quick View

  • Cotton Slub, 107 gsm, from £14.66
  • Poly Georgette Silk Look, 67 gsm, from £15.32
  • Poly Satin Silk Look, 85 gsm, from £15.32
  • Cotton Poplin, 130 gsm, from £16.06
  • Cotton Drill, 255 gsm, from £17.24
  • Cotton Twill, 213 gsm, from £17.38
  • Plain Inherent FR, 145 gsm, from £17.53
  • Organic Cotton Satin, 140 gsm, from £17.60
  • Bamboo, 120 gsm, from £18.34
  • Organic Cotton Half Panama, 309 gsm, from £19.07
  • Organic Half Panama (Natural), 309 gsm, from £19.07
  • Cotton Linen Light, 228 gsm, from £19.07
  • Lycra, 210 gsm, from £19.07
  • Hopsack , 393 gsm, from £19.81
  • Recycled Linen Look Poly, 210 gsm, from £20.54
  • Eco Natural Linen Look Poly, 283 gsm, from £21.06
  • Velvet Shine, 371 gsm, from £21.28
  • Herringbone Wool Look, 367 gsm, from £24.22
  • Cotton Linen Midweight, 250 gsm, from £24.95
  • Eco Linen Look Poly FR, 188 gsm, from £25.61
  • Cotton Linen Heavy (Natural), 343 gsm, from £26.20
  • Velvet Inherent FR, 356 gsm, from £36.71

Printing Methods Quick Guide

Dye Sublimation

This is used on polyester fabrics or those with a high polyester content only.

Advanced inks are literally dyed into the fabric using a combination of heat and pressure. Instead of sitting on the surface of the fabric th inks are fully incorporated into the textile fibres. This gives great durability.

Direct dye sublimation is a sightly cheaper method used for things like flags and signage but all of our printed fabrics are produced using a superior Indirect Dye Sublimation which produces a sharper print and reduces fabric shrinkage and distortion.

Pigment Print

This is used on all of our cotton fabrics or those with a high linen or cotton mix. Advanced pigment inks provide an excellent level of print coverage and durability used on a wide range of natyral fibres.