Round Bean Bag


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Bean bags are a fun and casual way to add branding and seating solutions to garden and roof top parties, festivals or a laid back office setting.

With a variety of shapes to choose from these bean bags can be a great branding tool or even just add a splash of colour and pattern to personalise an event.

We use CMYK + 4 printing process for superior colour reproduction. This enables us to print a vast range of images including photos, interior design and corporate images. Our dye sublimation process fixes the inks into the fabric preventing it from transferring on to clothes or other surfaces.

They are lightweight and can be made with waterproof fabrics, making them ideal for outdoor functions. The polystyrene beads used for the filling is fire retardant, eco friendly and made in the UK.

  • Fun seating solutions
  • Various shapes and sizes to choose from
  • Lightweight and waterproof
  •  CMYK + 4 printing process for superior colour reproduction
  • Eco friendly and fire retardant polystyrene beads.

Additional information

Fabric Type

Water Resistant Polyester, Standard Display (FR)