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Printed Exhibition Cloth FAQs

How long does it take from order to delivery for a printed cloth?
Ideally we like to have around 3-5 days to complete your order. We can turn urgent jobs around the same day when needed using our 'Express' service. If you have an urgent deadline let us know and we can almost certainly help.

How do I launder my conference cloth or exhibition cloth?
The nature of the napped microfibre fabric means that just like upholstery most soiling can be easily brushed off. If laundry is needed then it's fully machine washable on a synthetic cycle at 30 or 40 degrees. Make sure the spin speed isn't too high, ideally 700 rpm to minimise creasing. Tumble dry on a synthetic cycle ensuring it doesn't overheat, ideally use a cool down cycle or remove before completely dry. Laundered correctly no pressing will be needed. If you do need to press it do so from the back and always place a towel between the iron (synthetic setting) and the logo.

What format does my artwork need to be in?
Ideally we need your artwork as a vector graphic file such as produced by programs Coral Draw and Illustrator. Saving and sending your file as an eps should do the trick. If you are unsure about this don't worry. Just send us what you have and we can help you from there. You can email your artwork to us at for advise or if you have trouble uploading it when ordering online.