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Artwork Guidelines

When selecting a size please bear in mind that if your artwork is 'letterbox' in format - i.e; much wider than tall, then you will probably want to have it printed at 90cms width. If your logo is of a similar height and width - i.e; roughly square or slightly rectangularyou will probably want to have it printed at the smaller size of 45cms due to the maximum available height on a standard table of approx 70cms.
Again, feel free to email us your artwork for free advice on the best size to go with. Subject to technical limitations with some artwork we can basically print any size and in any location that you need.
When selecting your cloth colour, please bear in mind that your standard logo will probably have been designed for use on a white background. If you logo is blue then placing it on a blue cloth isn't going to work. A coloured cloth is normally preferred, and reversing the logo out to white is a common and effective way of addressing this as can be seen from the examples above. If you would like us to do so we will reverse your logo out to white at no charge.
ARTWORK FORMAT (Beginners Guide)
For printing the artwork normally needs to be in a vector graphic format such as an 'eps' file. Most graphic design packages will outpit artwork in this format. If you are unsure about this don't worry. Just send us whatever you will have and we will advise you if any changes are required to the format with advice on how to do this.
ARTWORK FORMAT (Advanced Guide)
The ideal format is Illustrator CS4-6 with any fonts converted to outlines. However we can work with any standard eps files with all vectors preserved. Colours should ideally be specified as Pantone refs. For 4 colour process printing onto white fabric please provide file in any standard format either as a vector file or at 300dpi if the file contains raster images.