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Printed Tablecloths

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[Printed Tablecloth Feature Guide]

All Printed Tablecloths Feature:

Suedette finish professional exhibition tablecloth fabric in easy-care microfibre.
Crease resistance. Your printed tablecloth can go from suitcase to trade show table with no ironing needed.
Easy Clean. Upholstery-like performance means everyday crumbs and dust just brush off our exhibition tablecloth fabric.
Machine Washable if laundry required.
Any size of logo and tablecloth made quickly to order.
A choice of corner styles.

These features combine to make the perfect trade show table display cover.

FREE support and advice from a named Advisor from start to finish.
Express SAME DAY & NEXT DAY delivery available.

Printed Tablecloths

A printed tablecloth is a great way to set up your trade show table display. Using a with a business logo on it will help your company stand out and your display will look more professional. A printed trade show table cloth is a popular low-cost way to enhance your image at exhibitions.

Printed table banners and printed table runners fit over a standard tradeshow table and are a very economical alternative to full printed table cloths.

Receiving a print table cloth with your company logo on it only takes 2-3 days and we even offer an express next day service. You won't be limited to standard size exhibit table covers as we can make a custom sized printed exhibition cloth as quickly and as cheaply as a standard size table cloth.

If you need help selecting the best printed table cover for your needs we'd be delighted to assist by phone, email, or online chat.

Printed Table Cloth Sizes

Standard Exhibition table cloths drop to the floor on 3 sides with a shorter drop of around 10" or 25cms at the rear. This makes it easy for people to sit at the table. This size works best at trade shows and conference receptions where it's handy to be able to sit on one side of the Exhibition Table.

In the UK there are a mixture of traditional UKsized tables and their metric equivalents. The most common sized exhibition tressle tables are 5' long and 6' long or their 150cm and 180cm long metric equivalents. The tables are normally 30" high and 30" wide for imperial tables and 75cms high and wide for their metric equivalents.

We also supply printed round tablecloths.

If you don't know what size table you will be using we would suggest getting a printed exhibition cloth for a 180cm table. This will also work perfectly on a standard UK 6' table and with a bit of careful folding and tucking under on the ends can be adjusted to fit a 5' or 150cm standard table.

You can select form a range of standard size cloths in the drop down box when ordering or to get an price quotation. You can also message us with your custom table sizes and we will make the cloth the exact size that you need.

4ft Standard Table. You need a 70" x 108" Tablecloth (3 sides + short rear) or 90" x 108" (4 sides to floor)
5ft Standard Table. You need a 70" x 120" Tablecloth (3 sides + short rear) or 90" x 120" (4 sides to floor)
6ft Standard Table. You need a 70" x 132" Tablecloth (3 sides + short rear) or 90" x 132" (4 sides to floor)

The metric versions of these tables are normally as follows. Because all printing, cutting, and sewing takes place under one roof in our UK production facility we can quickly produce custom exhibition cloths to order.

120cm Standard Table: You need a 178cm x 265cm Tablecloth (3 sides + short rear) or 225cm x 265cm (4 sides to floor)
150cm Standard Table: You need a 178cm x 295cm Tablecloth (3 sides + short rear) or 225cm x 295cm (4 sides to floor)
180cm Standard Table: You need a 178cm x 325cm Tablecloth (3 sides + short rear) or 225cm x 325cm (4 sides to floor)

We can also supply round cloths or any other shape of exhibition cloth you require so just contact us for a quotation for these.

Artwork & Print Guide

Promotional tablecloth printing

We print your promotional tablecloths using only the latest digital printing equipment. All of our multi-colour printed tablecloths use dye sublimation ensuring vivid colours and great durability as the print is dyed into the tablecloth fabric under heat and pressure. Unlike screen printed table covers or other promotional tablecloths produced using surface printing techniques there is no risk of cracking of the image.

While most multi colour tablecloth printing is done using 4 colour CMYK process printing we run 8 colour presses meaning we can accurately and vividly produce a much wider colour gamut that standard CMYK for precision Pantone matching. Colours such as bright orange that cannot be printed well by CMYK are stunning on out 8 colour presses.

We provide a FREE artwork check and FREE Digital Proof prior to printing your tablecloth. If you are not familiar with the technical side of supplying artwork for printing don't worry as our friendly graphic experts will provide you with full support from start to finish at no charge.

You can upload the artwork for your printed tablecloth when you place your order or when you request a quotation.

We are committed to making sure that your logo printed table cloth is exactly as you expected.


Exhibition Fabric

The great thing about our exhibition fabric is that just like upholstery and car seats you rarely need to launder it. The fabric is designed to be dirt resistant so occasional brushing or a gentle hand vacuum will quickly remove most everyday marks.

If you do need to launder your printed table cover then a 30 degree gentle synthetics wash in a domestic machine will be fine.

If you plan to use the printed table cloth in situations where it will be regularly subjected to food or drink spillages and require regular laundry then we recommend our dining fabric as the best choice.

We also offer water resistant logo printed table cloths and a variety of other logo on tablecloth solutions.