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Conference Cloths

Conference Cloth

  • Napped 'suedette' conference cloth in an easy-care microfibre polyester
  • Crease and soil resistance makes it incredibly low maintenance.
  • Fully Machine Washable.
  • Our specialy woven 70" wide (180cms) fabric means we can produce cloths that will drop to the floor on 3 sides (with a shorter drop at the back or seated side) without any joins.
  • Any custom size you need quickly made to order at standard priceswithout any joins.
  • Choice of corner styles including FREE Radius Corners
  • Available from stock for NEXT DAY delivery

Conference Cloth Size Guide

  • Most Conference Cloths are designed to drop to the floor on 3 sides with a shorter drop at the rear to allow delegates to be seated on one side.
  • Because we make all our cloths 'in-house' we can make them to any size that you require.
  • In the UK, rectangular tressle tables are a mix of standard UK sized tables (mostly 5' and 6' in length, 30" wide and 30" high) and Continental Standard tables, mostly 150cms & 180cms in length, 75cms in width, and 73cms in height.
  • Because the Continental Tables are slightly smaller than the UK equivalent in all dimensions we provide standard sizes for both tables to ensure a precise and neat fit.
If you plan to use the cloths on a mix of UK and Continental Tables then you are best off buying the Continental equivalent of the UK table sizeas while it will be an inch or two off the ground when used on UK standard tables it will still fit both pretty well while a UK sized cloth used on a continental equivalent sized table will be too long and drag on the floor.

Conference Cloth

Corner Style

FREE: Fabric Sample Card - Conference Cloth

REE Sample swatch card so you can see and feel actual fabric and colours before you buy. FREE to Trade Customers only. If not using your company email address when completing the checkout then please provide the adress of your company website below. Private Customers may purchase a swatch card for £2.00