Trade Show Table Cloths

Printed tablecloths for trades shows and exhibitions are a low-cost easy way to promote your brand and project a professional image.

Trade shows, has your company got them covered?

So… The year is now well under way, and your business plans for the coming months are probably starting to take shape.They may include all manner of innovative and wonderful ideas to engage with potential customers, such as campaigns, promotions, or other ideas to promote your brand. It might include trade shows, places where it is essential to get it right. And that means you’ll need a trade show table cloth.

Plan ahead, learn about the venue’s layout, and where your business will be situated, the size of the display area you’ll have. When all that invaluable information is safely under your belt, that is where the fun, creativity and innovation really begin.

Stand out from the crowd

Because then comes the time to choose a trade show table cloth. and create something special, a stand or booth that will…well, stand out! And what better way to achieve that than with your very own unique printed table cloth. Didn’t think of that? Well let’s think of this; in an exhibition hall full of like minded exhibitors, the venue may well provide generic table cloths, and they’ll be a popular choice, but will they be uniquely yours?

A bespoke printed tablecloth, carrying your own logo or colour scheme will set you apart. If you get it right it will add depth, prestige and visual appeal to your presence, creating an image your audience will love, and your competitors may well wish they had thought of too:

  • A unique colour scheme to match your brand
  • Add style, individuality and prestige with your organisation’s logo
  • Create the visual appeal that will have others green with envy

With precision colour matching, and a trade show table cloth showcasing your brand or organisation on the front drop, or printed across the top and sides, and with a wide range of sizes and print sizes available. Why would you stand forlornly behind a plain white trade show table cloth, when you could engage, educate and inform from a stand boasting an exhibition tablecloth to make you proud?

  • Choose from an array of sizes and colours for the perfect fit
  • Market your brand much better than the rest
  • Engage with your visitors with professionalism and pride

A high impact and cost effective solution

A high quality, durable printed table cover is one of the single most cost effective ways of enhancing your trade stand, and can be used season after season;  reinforcing your message, marketing your professionalism and above all else, driving people towards you and your organisation.

Much more than a one-off tool in your trade show kit

Trade show table cloths are easily laundered, with a suedette finish in easy to care for microfiber material.  Durability is also guaranteed thanks to the very best dye sublimation techniques and they are resistant to creasing; simply unpack and use. Printed table covers even come with a choice of corner styles, an even wider range of colours, and endless possibilities for logo design taking only 2-3 days to create and deliver.

  • Durable, crease resistant and easy to care for
  • Cost effective, eye catching and convenientSharp and professional Multi-Colourde Table Cloth with Multiple Logo impressions on all sides and top.
  • Just 2-3 days to create and deliver

So, at this year’s trade shows, why not go the extra mile and create something that others might not even have thought of, with a minimum of fuss our outlay?

A presence that creates a real impact and a professional image that will make a world of difference, all with a simple (but quite amazing) printed table cover.

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